Exterior Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatories are an expensive investment for any householder, they add real value to the property and can improve the quality of the living environment. However, wind, rain and the passage of time can cause severe harm to your conservatory and long-term maintenance is important in order to safeguard your investment.

Blocked gutters and valleys restrict surface drainage, and the growth of moss and other plant life in the worst case can cause panels to lift, leading to a reduction in water tightness. Green algae, if left can spread over the polycarbonate roof panels or glass panels becoming a breading ground for lichen, making your once gleaming conservatory look unsightly.

UPVC framework can also attract dirt and grime, resulting in discolouration of frames and panels and at Great Outdoors & In we can clean your entire conservatory inside and out. Using the latest chemicals specially designed for glass & UPVC and brushes / poles to reach those hard-to-access areas, all the panels / framework and drainage are thoroughly cleaned, restoring your conservatory to its original condition

Our process for exterior conservatory cleaning is as follows:

  • Block guttering downpipes (Whilst cleaning use gutter vacuum system which allows us to continually vacuum and pump the water away from the property)
  • Clean upper framework, panels and finial using pole / brush system and suitable chemicals, operators will use suitable conservatory ladders and platforms for access. For photgraphs click HERE
  • Clean inside and outside of gutter
  • Option to install Hedgehog Gutter Brush (Available in White, Black or Brown)
  • Unblock downpipe
  • Clean lower framework and panels using brush system and suitable chemicals
  • Rinse framework and panels using our portable Reach and Wash system (utilises pure water)
  • Window clean windows around the conservatory including windows above the conservatory using our Reach and Wash system. (Windows unreachable using the traditional window cleaning methods!)
  • As we provide a full exterior cleaning service you may be interested in our Upvc cleaning / Gutter vacuuming and Roof cleaning sections to help prevent debris falling onto your conservatory!

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